About Us


Providing quick and accurate news since day one


Started in October of 2018, Aurora Intel has dedicated itself to providing quick and accurate news on Twitter. The account was initially set up by Adam, 20 tweets later David became involved due to a keen interest in the Israeli theater of conflict and wanting to share knowledge accrued over several years. Over the course of 6 months the following grew as David’s investigation into Gaza militant information gained popularity and continued OSINT reporting from Adam expanded the reach of our followers for multiple theaters. Team Aurora expanded shortly after, bringing Knish on board making a team of 3 people each from different locations giving (when possible) 24/7 coverage, from the UK, Canada and Israel. Shortly after becoming a team of 3 we are now here, about to embark on a new chapter, bringing together some of the great minds of the global OSINT community, taking the real time events we cover and going more in depth for you the public. We are not doing this as a profession,we do this as a hobby, an interest of sharing the knowledge we find.


Who are the Writers?



Based in the UK, spend too much time investigating militant movement, the Middle East is his focus, Israel is the main theater.


Based in Canada, originally from Scotland. Founder of Aurora Intel, focus is mainly on the Middle East.

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Based in Israel, Knish is known for his experience in intel gathering and the IDF. He is also the developer of this site.

Jordan Stafford (Air_Intel)

From South Africa based in the UK. My focus is on tracking military planes & ships.

I cover Middle East & North Africa conflicts alongside satellite imagery & analysis of military sites & equipment across the globe


Michal Beit Halachmi

Eyes on the world, up high and down below, connecting the dots from news around the world for better understanding of our reality


Based in the U.S., focused on mainly Israel and Gaza with some Syria and Lebanon news mixed in.



Covering the worlds Conflicts and Geopolitics. Geo locating military equipment wherever it appears.

F. Jeffery

Based in South Asia. Focus on militancy, military conflict and geopolitics in Asia.



(Intel Doge)

Sniffing out news from all over the world, but primarily the Middle East. Occasionally you’ll spot me covering news from my own state of Pennsylvania as well!


My main focus is on Israel and Middle East. I am also highly addicted to HFGCS and ADS-B & PUBG. I also write my own opinions on military and political events around the world.