Bombings In Nigeria Leave 30 Dead

On Sunday 16th June 2019. 30 people were killed in triple suicide bombings in the northwestern part of Nigeria. 30 people in all were killed in the blasts, with over 40 people injured

We have over 40 people injured
— Head Of The State Emergency Management Agency

The attack happened outside of hall in the town of Konduga. 

Konduga In Nigeria

Konduga In Nigeria


According to locals, it was during an event where local football fans were watching a match. One of the bombers had been prevented from entering the hall & an argument followed which ended with one of the bombers denoting themselves outside of the venue. The other two bombers had managed to in with the crowd of fans & followed by denoting their bombs. The majority of the victims were killed outside of the venue.

The high death toll has been partly put down to due to the late arrival of emergency services. Many paramedics & medical staff also did not have the correct equipment to deal with such a high number of casualties.

No one is yet to claim any responsibility for the blast but many have pointed at Boko Haram as being the likely culprits & given the situation in Nigeria it can be safely said the likelihood of it being Boko Haram is very high.

The Security Challenge In Nigeria 

The security challenge in Nigeria has been a difficult situation for the government in recent years. Boko Haram has been launching an insurgency campaign in northern Nigeria, often targeting the Nigerian armed forces. Despite the government claim of pushing back Boko Haram attacks in northern Nigeria continue to happen. As on Friday, 34 people were killed in Zamfara. The situation in Nigeria has a long way to go before attacks such as those that have happened recently become less common.