UK Seizes Tanker Carrying Oil From Iran To Syria

In the early hours of the morning of the 4th July, Royal Marine commandos stormed & sized the crude oil tanker Grace 1.

Royal Marines Land On The Tanker

Royal Marines Land On The Tanker

The ship had sailed from Iran around Africa & was moored in the bay of Gibraltar before setting off to deliver crude oil to Syria's Banyas refinery. This was in violation of European Union Sanctions & therefore the vessel was ordered to be seized by the government of Gibraltar. The governor of Gibraltar explained why these actions were taken in a video statement

The Tanker can currently be spotted here along the east coast of Gibraltar

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 18.47.55.png

The tanker was sized by reportedly up to 20 Royal Marine Commandos. They seized the ship via a Royal Navy Wildcat helicopter, it was likely ZZ831 from 815 Naval Air Squadron, the aircraft had arrived into Gibraltar on Tuesday.

HMS Echo is currently in Gibraltar to conduct survey work & was not involved in the operation. The claim of 20 Royal Marines being involved in the operation would require the use of more than one helicopter it is suspected that another helicopter could have been sent from RFA Tidesurge which was in Gibraltar & the time of the incident. In response to the incident, Iran has summoned the UK ambassador.