IDF Strike - 12th June - Tel Al-Harra

What is Tel Al-Harra

A tel is a term used from biblical times, which simply means “mound”, Al-Harra is the location. Tel Al-Harra lies west of the settlement of Al-Harra in Syria. It sits approx. 12km from the border with Israel. It is known for it’s observation point atop of the tel which gives a good vantage point of the Golan Heights area. Believed to be run by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) for a while but with an influence of IRGC and Hezbollah influence in the area it’s now believed they “rule the roost” of this observation area.

On the 12th June the IDF struck Tel Al-Harra in the early hours of the day between 0200 and 0300 local time. It was initial believed that it was the observation point that was struck due to it’s vantage point as shown below.

Overview of Tel Al-Harra

Tel Al-Harra from Israel - Image Courtesy of Google Maps Street View

The Strike

As just said, it was initially though that the observation point at the top was the target, this was not the case.

Initial imagery showed no damage the observation post. Images courtesy of Planet Labs below show a strike scar just west of Tel Al-Harra at the foot of the mound.

Timelapse below shows the arrival of the scar post 12th June as confirmation of the strike.

Further confirmation of the location was diagnosed via Sentinel Hub imagery as per below.

The RUMINT Reports

On the 11th June, Rumoured intelligence (RUMINT) reports started circulating of new IRGC intel equipment being delivered to Tel Al-Harra which is what was believed to be the intended target (and it may still have been, maybe the rumour reports where just late?) but in the timelapse above the structure targeted appears to have been in place for a while, so did the IRGC actually deliver anything?

During my investigation I noticed something interesting, see below.

New Equipment?

Over the course of several days, earth appears to be seen to be moved to create a platform for something and then a new object appears.

Close up time lapse again, watch the other area….

Google Earth imagery below shows the original one item in it’s location, so could this be the new equipment that’s delivered by the IRGC? it remains to be seen. Do Israel see this new delivery as a new threat? time will tell, what it does confirm is there is definitely activity in this area.

The IDF didn’t release info of their strike target like they some times do, so it remains to be seen exactly what was targeted, but with the strike scar being 60 meters in length it suggests, to me, an intel based strike, making sure whatever it was is completely destroyed.

And finally (for the images) a time lapse of the whole area zoomed out for context.

David Aurora