IDF Strike in Syria - Monday 27th May

Chain of Events

Mid afternoon on Monday 27th May, it was reported that Anti-Aircraft Systems in the Al-Quneitra region of Syria were active. There was very little detail at the time, which was within the hour dismissed as potential false reports or testing being conducted by the Syrian Army.

Around 2130 local, initial reports of an explosion being heard in the Khan Arnabeh region of the Al-Quneitra province. This area on the edge of the UN ceasefire Bravo Line established in 1974. It was very quickly reported that injuries had been sustained in this explosion belonging to the Syrian Army.

Within 30 minutes of the reported explosion the IDF confirmed their strike on a position, which earlier in the day had fired upon an IAF jet during a routine patrol over the Golan Heights, the IDF confirmed the strike was retaliation to this event.

Shortly after this, a video was released by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the incident, reiterating the strike as a retaliatory measure.

Strike Location

Reports at the beginning of the strike event were mixed, two locations were described as the strike location, Khan Arnabeh and Tall Al-Sha’ar just South East of Khan Arnabeh. Satellite imagery obtained via Planet Labs was able to assist in identifying the location.

It was confirmed via these images that Tall Al-Sha’ar was the location, and that a Russian ZSU-23-4-Shilka was the Anti-Aircraft system destroyed in the strike.

ZSU-23-4-Shilka (illustration purposes)

Below is a video of the satellite images of the Tall Al-Sha’ar site and the strike scar can be seen in the north east of the location, along with an image following obtained via Google Earth of the Anti-Aircraft System in position.

Tall Al-Sha’ar Timelapse - Courtesy of Planet Labs

Tall Al-Sha’ar Timelapse - Courtesy of Planet Labs

Tall Al-Sha’ar Anti-Aircraft Position

Syrian Army Causalities

Two Syrian Army Members were killed in this strike, believed to be responsible for the original engagement of the incident against the IAF jet.

David Aurora