IDF Strikes - 1st July - Syria


In the early hours of the 1st July, initial reports started coming in via social media of Syrian Arab Army Anti-Aircraft systems engaging hostile targets over several regions in Syria. The two main regions were Homs and Damascus. Reports during the event were very confusing, usually in these events names of locations and targets are reported with relative accuracy, this time it was more difficult to decipher due to the scale of the attack. This appears to be the largest IDF strike against multiple locations in Syria at one time. “Confirmed” reports post attack released that 9 SAA soldiers were killed in the attack (West of Homs) and 6 Civilians reportedly from Sahnaya south of Damascus were killed due to an intercepted missile landing in the settlement. These death reports are hard to verify due to no funeral details available.

Confirmed Targets

Initially all the reports circulating were rather confusing, as so many locations were being given with little to no clarity, but through investigation of known targets revealed several sets of imagery of targets destroyed.


Aurora Intel member Obs_IL through previous investigations of Al-Mezzah has noted IRGC related equipment in the airbase which can be seen below. Initial thoughts was this may have been the target by the IDF.

Al-Mezzah Airbase Overview with Tetah-110 SAM.

Upon further investigation it appears a hangar building on the South-West of the airport was targeted in the strike. It is believed this hangar would have been housing some form of weaponry.

Hangar building destroyed.

West of Homs

9 SAA soldiers were reportedly killed in the strike West of Homs, another like building was targeted on the main route towards Lebanon.

West of Homs Location


Targeted multiple times by the IDF and known location to be affiliated with Hezbollah and the IRGC the Social Science Research Center in Jomrayah was targeted again, storage building completely destroyed in the attack, multiple strike scars shows this area was heavily targeted.

Jomrayah SSRC.

Unconfirmed Reports

During the attack alot of confusion was on going, claims by many that Israel had unleashed a large barrage of missiles towards multiple SAM locations around both Homs and Damascus, post event investigation appears to show that this is not the case. Gallery below shows multiple SAM locations appearing to show no damage caused.

There’s More?

Post attack, reports started to originate from Cyprus of a loud explosion heard in the northern region. During the following day it was made apparent that a rogue S-200 missile had failed it’s launch procedure and landed in Cyprus in an attempt to engage the IDF jets over Lebanon.

Sahnaya - Update

Imagery and infographs courtesy of Obs_IL shows the damage caused by the strike in the Sahnaya District of Southern Damascus which is were the reported deaths of civilians took place. These military sites are affiliated with Hezbollah and IRGC are in close proximity civilian areas.

Special thanks to ObsIL and noitsmyturn for help on investigating this strike. Sat. imagery courtesy of Planet Labs, Sentinel and Maxar in this article.

David Aurora