Abha Airport Hit By Houthi Missile

In the early hours of the 12th June a Cruise Missile was launched by Houthi rebels in Yemen which hit Abha airport in Saudi Arabia, injuring 26 civilians.


The attack happened at 02:21 am on Wednesday the 12th June. The Cruise Missile was launched just over 200km from the Yemeni - Saudi border to hit Abha airport. 26 Civillians in the airport were injured including 3 women of Yemeni, Indian and Saudi nationalities, 2 Saudi children were also injured. 8 people were transferred to hospital with moderate injuries while 18 received tratement at the airport for minor injuries.

As seen in the images above there was significant damage to part of the arrivals hall at Abha airport after the cruise missile struck the roof of the terminal.

The Arab coalition blamed the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps for supplying the Houthi rebels with the cruise missile which they claim shows Iran is providing Houthi rebels with advanced weaponry. The Arab coalition spokesperson Col. Turki Al-Maliki also said the attack amounted to a War Crime.

Air Traffic at Abha airport was delayed in the direct aftermath of the attack but arrivals and departures continued as normal throughout the day.

Footage was released on Thursday the 13th June showing the impact of the Cruise Missile inside the terminal which sent a fire ball into the arrivals hall and caused a small section of roof to collapse.

In addition to this attack, around 2 am on Friday 14th June the Saudi Arabian Air Defense Forces claim to have intercepted 5 suicide drones launched by Houthi rebels again set to target Abha airport.

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